Drafts Only

Broken Questions

I learned the term "broken questions" from Bayo Akomolafe. They meant to stun, disorient, and puzzle you in a way that sometimes you rather not having heard the question at the first place. No answers guaranteed.

  • Where are you stuck?
  • Where do you need to go?
  • What does your gut say?
  • What tucks at your heart?
  • What makes you weep?
  • What strikes you?
  • What's the humming of the ear of the heart?
  • What's your gift?
  • What's your gift that was imprinted before you were born?
  • What is it like to think like a crossroad?
  • What is a path?
  • What's the point of figuring all this out?
  • What's the taste of paradox? What's tricky about paradox?
  • What questions are you asking?
  • How urgent are those questions?
  • Who are also asking those questions?
  • How am I sabotaging myself?
  • How to grasp with our hands always open? Father Thomas Keating
  • How are you listening to the world?
  • Can you explore all the ways you are not you - you are outside of yourself?
  • What have I harvested?
  • What's working me still?
  • What does it mean to stay with the trouble?
  • What's mine to do?

- 1 toast